Gustavo Abdiel Aguilar Miranda

Gustavo Abdiel Aguilar Miranda's career has had central axes among them, namely: the maritime sector, public administration and teaching. Devoting his efforts to the development of Panama in institutions such as the Panama Maritime Authority. He is currently doing a PhD at Newcastle University researching the LGBTIQ+ population within the maritime sector.

Twitter: @GAguilar0584



Javier Abdiel Aranda Romero

Javier is a Panamanian merchant marine officer, currently working at the EURONAV company, holding the position of third deck officer on oil tankers and in charge of various daily operations to maintain the ship's operability. In addition, Javier has worked in other companies such as VT Shipping and Grupo BOLUDA. He is currently studying a master’s degree in Management of Marine and Coastal Resources at the International Maritime University of Panama (UMIP), to expand his knowledge and professionalism.

Philippa Page

Philippa Page

Philippa Page is Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies and Co-Director of the Humanities Research Institute at Newcastle University. Before arriving in Newcastle, she was a postdoctoral research fellow at the KU Leuven in Belgium on the European Research Council sponsored project ‘TRANSIT: Transnationality at Large’. In her role at the Humanities Research Institute, she supports interdisciplinary collaborations that seek to address society’s most pressing challenges and injustices..


Henri John Riby

Henri John Riby is a member of the digital design team at Newcastle University Humanities Research Institute, designing and working on the IET 2023 website and others. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and is currently studying a Master of Arts in Politics (Research) and aims to work in the government sector of the UK.


María Gabriela Herrera González

María Gabriela Herrera González (Gabysh) is from Veragüense and an Architect graduated from the University of Panama, but with a passion for the arts, research and teaching. She has participated in different collective artistic exhibitions and competitions, the most recent being: PROVERBO Exhibition, at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Panama (2021).

Instagram: @gabysh1220



Alexander Diaz Francis

Alexander Francis began his professional life within the maritime sector as an officer of the Panamanian Merchant Navy, later certified as an ISO internal auditor specialising in the field of higher education and maritime training. He is currently the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Marine Sciences and Technology and Director of the Maritime Training Centre at Columbus University, where he also teaches classes and acts as maritime consultant.


Eliezer Benigno Dominguez Peralta

Eliezer Benigno Dominguez Peralta graduated from Columbus University as a nautical engineer in 2009. At the beginning of his professional career, he sailed on different types of international flagged vessels as a merchant marine officer. He later held different positions within the Panama Maritime Authority, where he focused his career on the development of maritime training within the public and private sectors in Panama. He is currently the founder and general manager of the company Capitán Piña Panamá.


Maximiliano Egroj

Maximiliano Egroj is an architect and social communicator from Universidad de Panamá and Universidad del Istmo, respectively. He has undertaken exercises in management and monitoring of infrastructure projects in the government sector. He is a specialist in Higher Education from the Interamerican University of Panama, assistant professor at the Universidad del Istmo (2019), and experienced in national and international university accreditation.